In the broad sense, we simply want to help as many people as we can find freedom from the pit that is depression.


We strive to assist people in breaking free from the tyranny of false and destructive mindsets by shedding light on them and providing strategies to engage them. These articles are our main thrust...

We also want to help break the isolation of depression by letting people hear from others who are struggling with the same or similar issues. We are not a site created by doctors. We're a group of practitioners. Medical advice is invaluable and we try to quote the MDs often, but in my darkest times I've always felt the most encouragement from the stories and advice of people that fully understood the struggle.

Finally we work to break the physical isolation of depression by supporting anyone who would like to start a discussion group. We are working on a book to help with topics and discussion questions, but for now we are happy to talk to you on the phone and work through issues together. We will also post your group on our site and help equip you in any way possible. We've been leading similar small groups for years and can offer our experience.


We believe in treating the whole person in our battle against depression. Obviously the body and the emotions are prime battlefields in this fight, but so is the spirit. For us, our relationship with and connectedness to God is an integral part of a whole human being. That's what the faith section of our site seeks to address. 

For the writers on this site, our center comes from the Christian gospel and the reconciliation that Jesus offers, so that is the foundation for these articles. If you aren't religious (in many ways neither are we) or if you follow a different faith, we still feel like this section will be helpful as misunderstandings of God and the struggle of divine silence is common to everyone.